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一间现代化厂房和先进的生产设备、检测设备.通过运用现有先进的技术,我们的产品在所涉及行业中都始终属于先进水平。 为了紧跟消费类电子日新月异的发展, 瑞科讯将加强在产品技术领域, 产品设计, 研发和生产方面的投入力度。
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Shenzhen Riko News Precision Components Co., Ltd. is a franchise tablet carriage shaft, tachograph shaft, printer shaft, stainless steel hinges, slide the remote control, TV stand, IPAD leather shaft, lcd LCD pivot, laptop damping shafts, machine learning shaft, the shaft 360 degree flip, LCD lift base, the shaft can be over the line, cell phone antenna shaft, shaft hinge laptop, cell phone word shaft, spindle cell phone displays, dv metal shaft, the shaft and at any angle lamp word pause shaft and other shaft series of fine businesses. Our company is located in the high-tech industries are concentrated - Shenzhen, Guangdong strength of the company, to establish a good working relationship with many well-known companies (such as Microsoft, Lenovo). Always adhere to the "fast and efficient, innovative, high quality integrity, coexistence and win-win" concept of service to provide customers with quality products and services, so get a good reputation, has been recognized by consumers.
Now in the rapid development of consumer electronics trends, Riko hearing will strengthen product development and production aspects of the investment in the future of this commitment will be more news Riko superior product quality, professional technical strength, professional customer service team, so that customers enjoy and consumer electronics products at the same time continue to get the most out of social benefits and market returns.

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